Crochet Flower Bouquet

Hi All !!!  :)

I am super excited to share with you my very first crochet flower bouquet for wedding. 
Yes BFF. If you never asked me, I probably will never do this crochet flower bouquet
Wishing that your marriage will be as happy and beautiful as your wedding.
Special handmade for special person in my life. 

Be my model for that day :) 

My pretty bride Puan Harina 

My cute Lejja

My lovely Ekin

crochet flower bouquet

Handmade by Izyan Nadiah

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lia said...

dah lama akak tak menjengah ke sini....cantik sgt2 crochet flower bouquet tu! nampak kelasss...he2...menarik la idea ni..buat bunga pegang guna bunga kait...