Swap Project

Assalamualaikum readers =)
Thanks everyone for your lovely comments for my previous post and thanks a lot for visiting
Izyan Nadiah, even though nowadays I am turning into a passive blogger. I will try to be active! Happy to share with you, my previous swap project with Kak Hidayah Syibly

The Clutch?? 
At first, I thought clutch pattern it was very very hard, 
but it so easy for me. 

So here it is my first handmade : The clutch and mini ice cream pouch for her =)

I worked out the pattern on my own, but forgot to write it down. apedaaa = (
Yarns : Minlon Light Pink & Grey
 Hook :  Tulip No. 1,3,6 & 7

  Tadaaaaa!!! and this one for me!!!!!!! Not only the clutch!
But also beautiful phone case and mini coin pouch!! 
I loved the designs and patterns . Kakak handmade very cute
Kawaiiii ^_^ 
Thank you kakak

* Next post will be granny square. See you soon =)

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