Amigurumi owl

Assalamualaikum readers :)
Oh my dot oh my dot hik!
bring my heart together with baby owl. Baby boy or baby girl
*wink, both can

Can you hear my heart?
My heart said : I miss you blog so much owteyh >_<

Hik! The eyes are, of course! Google eyes I have in my pink box!
They are completely perfect use for my baby owl :)
He or she doesn't have mouth, hik! You better shut up :P

I hate mata-mata liar and suara-suara jahat


andriani retno said...

thomey yannn ... hihihihihihi
(ngikutin kata2 yan ) :p

Izyan Nadiah said...

kamu udah pandai ya skrg,,hik!

Sindar said...

comelll Yan xD

Izyan Nadiah said...

ehe..thanks kak ery :)

cinta-craft said...

ala tomei nyer owl nih.. ;-)

<a href="> msraiza@cinta-craft </a>

Izyan Nadiah said...

terima kasih :)