Crocheted Coin Purse

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Mini purse untuk amirah
Finished at 27 May 2009, Wednesday
For the beginners who have already learnt the basic crochet techniques try to make it..For this patern, I created by my own. It's very easy, small and simple. I would recommend this for atin,liyana and kak anem.
Instruction :
Round 1 : Using two strands held together, Chain 27, make a single crochet(sc) until last, turning your work and countinue of sc in 27th ch.
Round 3 : Chain 3, double crochet(dc) in the first sc and next until last.turning your work and continue
Round 4-8 : Same as 3th round
The cap :
Round 9-15: Chain 3 at the 7th dc and dc until 27th dc
Round 16 : Chain 3 and 1 dc in the each 3 dc. Chain 9 and 1 dc in the each dc. Chain 3 in dc and fasten off.
# Patern design by desy


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